Fire Door Inspections Scotland

Installing fire doors, and having a robust maintenance and inspection regime for them, is a legal requirement for all public buildings, offices and factories. Our rigorous inspection will determine whether your fire doors will perform as they should when exposed to the extreme conditions found in a fire.

Our FDIS certified Fire Door Inspectors will assess your fire doors, new or existing, to current industry standards and report on:

  • the condition of the door leaf and frame
  • the ironmongery including hinges, closers and locks
  • glazing and glazing systems
  • intumescent and smoke seals
  • the condition of the surrounding wall (including compartmentation breaches).

You will then receive a detailed report, which includes pictures of failed components. We can then assist with the remedial work for issues found during the inspection process. These repairs are undertaken by experienced tradespersons using recognised repair techniques. On completion, a further report will be issued for each doorset detailing the repairs carried out.

Fire Door Installations

We can arrange to to have your new fire doors installed to BS 8214, as well as to the manufacturer’s installation guidance. On completion, you will receive 3rd party certification from Bravo2 Fire Solutions Ltd, guaranteeing your doors have been installed to the very highest of standards.

We also provide installation companies with support to ensure the fire doors they install are done so in accordance with the above standards. We can then provide 3rd party certification to them which many of their clients request. This is essential for maintaining the manufacturers certification issued with the doorset.

Architrave/Linear Gap Surveys

We can undertake the inspection, installation and repair of the Linear Gap seal (between the frame and supporting structure). This area is vitally important for the integrity of the doorset as a whole, as well as for its certification, but is often overlooked.

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